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Vision and mission


At Luxury Entertainment we believe that providing a high quality service for our members is the most important goal. For this reason, we are attentive to every detail as well as their requirements. All our service must be up to the level and expectations that are required of us. Everything we do is always thinking about the welfare of our members.





We have the appropriate personnel in each area of our company so that everything works to the full in a harmonious, orderly, dynamic and functional way. We are a work team that provide a service with the quality, warmth and good taste that is needed. That is why our members choose us. All this keeps our company financially and economically healthy.





We make sure that our service has a high level of excellence and is on par with those who choose us. Thus, our members are people from different parts of the world with style, pleasant and a good economic time.





To achieve all our objectives we have developed a project whose purpose is to build a unique, exclusive complex with all the appropriate comforts and services expected by our partners. The reference project has the name Orpheus. For this purpose, we will raise the necessary funds to start it up through the creation and commercialization of our own cryptoactive. It will be created under the condition of a "token" which will use the blockchain platform of a public cryptocurrency and established in the market that will offer the appropriate and necessary level of security and stability. The crypto asset tokens will be offered through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The form of commercialization is planned under a public sale modality divided into stages. In each of them a certain amount will be offered so that anyone can buy them. Once exhausted, in each of the stages, the amount made available to the general public will start the next one and so on until all the proposed stages are completed. Our crypto asset is developed in public mode, which means that any holder can buy or sell them on the market at any time they want.


The company reserves the right to choose the number of tokens that will make up each commercialization stage as well as change the terms of any of the commercialization stages if it deems it necessary.





The denomination of the token to be created will be LUXEN. This denomination could be modified or changed as it is accepted and is within the relevant legal conditions for the public launch of said token.



Legal terms and conditions


The objective of this White Paper is to present information related to the technical aspects of our project to potential Luxen token buyers, in light of the proposed token sale. It is just an overview of our project. This information is not intended to be exhaustive and does not constitute a contractual relationship. Its sole purpose is to provide reasonable information to prospective Luxen token holders so that they can determine whether they voluntarily commit to a thorough analysis with the intention of acquiring Luxen tokens.


However, if you decide to participate in our Luxen token sale to purchase them as an investment, Luxury Entertainment explicitly advises you that investing in tokens carries a level of risk that you must understand and assume.


Our website gives you access to information about us and our services. By using this website, you understand and accept the following disclaimers:


We have made every effort to ensure that the information on our website is accurate and up to date. However we cannot guarantee the accuracy or validity of all information.


The content of the same is provided without any express or implicit guarantee. In particular, we do not warrant or guarantee that it is appropriate or suitable for any particular purpose; that is absolute, complete or exact; or that it or any hardware it is stored on is virus free. The expressions, figures and calculations on our website are for guidance only. We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the calculations or estimates indicated or displayed on the site.


Any form of information displayed or indicated on this website does not constitute advice of any kind. It is your responsibility to seek professional advice to determine whether the information obtained from this website is appropriate for your personal circumstances. You will be fully responsible for compliance with the laws applicable to the jurisdiction in which you live, reside or operate, and we cannot be held responsible for their failure to comply.


All information stated and displayed in this whitepaper and on the website, including information on projects, ecosystems, products and services, is subject to change without notice.











Vision and mission













































Luxury Entertainment is a company dedicated to the creation of spaces and the organization of events, recreation and entertainment for adults. It offers high quality services for members, made up of a private and exclusive group.


These members make up a club of permanent and semi-permanent members from different parts of the world.


The services offered by Luxury Entertainment include the organization of its own private, on demand and themed events, access to the club's facilities and services, stays, personalized services and exclusive services.


The company is in charge of the coordination, hiring of personnel, invitations, catering, attention, entertainment, privacy, security and everything necessary so that the service is within what each member requests.


The events can be organized in the company's facilities or in specific places chosen by its members, anywhere in the world.


All events generated by Luxury Entertainment are exclusive for its members whose characteristics are good taste, quality, discretion, privacy, excellence and exclusivity.


The spaces, services, staff and all the work carried out by Luxury Entertainment are carefully created or selected to meet the requirements and expectations of its members.





The market for exclusive adult offerings is a very powerful business that is generating great income. Hotels, complexes, entertainment venues, beaches, cinemas, theaters, technology, we could say that in almost all areas today they have a segment oriented to this market. With the arrival of the internet and social networks this took a new and accelerated momentum. Today this industry is one of the largest in the world and is growing rapidly and therefore must keep up with the global trends that are emerging.


Currently, the range of possibilities in the market means that countless proposals of high quality, good taste and excellent alternatives are produced that make this item one of the most prosperous in the last decade.


The tourism industry and the hotel industry in particular have grown to a great extent thanks to the proposal of spaces for relaxation, recreation and fun that make a select public and demanding tastes their greatest value. In parallel with this market, another highly appreciable one has emerged in recent years that is gaining more and more followers everywhere. The digital world and its innumerable possibilities have generated the opportunity to have a decentralized crypto asset that opened the doors to incalculable possibilities, not only for business but also for flexibility and money operation. Cryptocurrencies are, without a doubt, the future of the financial and economic space.


We believe that the combination of both industries is and will be one of the most flourishing and opportunity combinations of proposals and businesses.


Along with the growth of these markets, the merger will enhance the possibilities of income production. Being at the forefront of this alternative will position us, without a doubt, in a privileged place.





The services offered by Luxury Entertainment are absolutely varied and of great quality and good taste. The modality of our services is limited to the group of members that make up our exclusive club.


The modality of our services is limited to the group of members that make up our exclusive club.


Together with this we have decided to create a single complex that contains all the services and requirements that our members request and deserve.


To further improve our services we have decided to incorporate a cryptocurrency as part of a new alternative to offer to our members.


The creation of this cryptocurrency gives us the possibility of using it as the official currency of the complex and for all the uses that are necessary within it.


This cryptocurrency will have a constant and regular circulation. Its use will be extended to future ventures of our company. So it will be widely used.


The creation format of our cryptocurrency will be through the token mode.





All crypto assets are, in their condition, a unit of value, issued by a private entity and that has the value that is granted to it within a community.


So far all are based on a blockchain technology called "blockchain." The fundamental difference between a cryptocurrency and a token is that the former uses its own blockchain while tokens use the blockchain of a cryptocurrency to function. In other words, cryptocurrencies have their own platform and tokens use the platform of one of the cryptocurrencies already created.


As can be seen, in essence, they all have the same base and technology only differs in the way they are created. The method chosen for the creation of our cryptocurrency is the “token” format.


The platform that is chosen for this purpose will be the one that we consider most appropriate according to what the different companies in the market offer us in terms of performance, stability, security and trust. The one we have chosen we believe is the one that has the best balance between the aforementioned concepts.





The name chosen for our new token is LUXEN. This name will be the one that will be used officially in any of the forms that will be offered, published, offered, commercialized or exchanged on any platform or under any designation.





The quantity of LUXEN to be issued will be 900,000,000. It will be a single issue and they will all be created at the same time. There will be no new LUXEN broadcasts.





The first emission condition of LUXEN is "unmineable" with no possibility of growth. This means that the issuance of the total of all cryptocurrencies will be in a single step without the possibility of new issuances. In the event of any inconvenience in the availability or lack of them for use under normal conditions, the company will issue a statement informing about the solution to said problem.


The second condition of LUXEN is “fixed price altcoin” anchored to dollar value. It is intended to maintain a stability in the price of the asset so that it is a safe financial instrument.


The third condition of LUXEN is a collateralization to the development of the ORPHEUS project. This is intended to revalue the price of the asset as the project progresses and the holders obtain a profit from the purchase of LUXEN.


The fourth condition is that LUXEN is oriented to be a “utility coin”. We aim for LUXEN to be used to acquire products and services in the world market. For this purpose Luxury Entertainment will be in charge of managing the appropriate agreements.





The way the LUXEN will be released on the market will be made official under an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), that is, Initial Coin Offering. This form is the one that is normally used for the launch of any cryptoactive and means the possibility of being able to finance the operation and the objective of the same through a public offering.


The offer will be divided into two stages:


1- Public sales: In these stages, the LUXEN issued at a fixed price with a programmed capitalization system will be launched. This system is supported by the collaterization of the ORPHEUS project that will give the reference value to the cryptocurrency at each stage. With this system, the value of LUXEN will increase in each of the stages, accompanying the progress of the ORPHEUS project. Both the number of sales stages and the LUXEN reference price in each of them will be informed through our website.


2- Cryptocurrency market: Once all the public sales stages have been completed, the LUXEN will be available at the price indicated by the cryptocurrency market. Holders of the tokens will be able to buy and sell the luxen in the cryptocurrency market. They will also receive the valuation of our token according to the relationship it has with the quotations of the cryptocurrencies circulating in the market, which may mean an additional profit.


Luxury Entertainment reserves the right to modify all or part of the public sales stages such as the reference prices offered to potential buyers of LUXEN if it deems it appropriate.


Luxury Entertainment reserves the right to choose the amount of LUXEN that will comprise each commercialization stage as well as change the terms of any of the commercialization stages if it deems it necessary.


Luxury Entertainment reserves the right to initiate or not a new stage of public sale before entering the cryptocurrency market and to continue or not said sale after having entered the cryptocurrency market.





Buyers will be rewarded as follows:


1.- Through the programmed capitalization system, LUXEN buyers will be able to see their value increased according to the stage in which they acquired them. This is, for a LUXEN buyer, a form of passive capitalization. The owner of LUXEN may decide unilaterally when he wants to buy or sell LUXEN whether to mediate Luxury Entertainment's permission to do so. The result of said sale is also the property of the person who carried out the operation, therefore, it will be available at all times.


2.- LUXEN buyers will have the benefit of accessing a business plan system through a community that will be created for this purpose. This will give any LUXEN buyer the possibility to develop an active capitalization and generate income for their own benefit. The LUXEN community platform will be developed by Luxery Entertainment and made available to all LUXEN buyers. It will have a method of compensation, nonos and / or awards that will be established and communicated to everyone.


At this point it is clarified that the LUXEN enabled to access the LUXEN community will be those that are acquired directly from Luxury Entertainment. The purchase and sale of LUXEN between individuals is free and anonymous, and benefits both parties involved in said exchange, but it is clarified through this document that the LUXEN acquired under this modality cannot be used to access the platform of the community since Luxury Entertainment has not intervened or has any benefit from this transaction between individuals.


3.- Any person who acquires LUXEN will be the owner of said cryptoactive from the moment they receive it in their wallet. From that moment on, you can sell it publicly whenever you want. LUXEN has been developed so that anyone can buy it and will sell it freely, publicly and anonymously. Luxury Entertainment does not participate in or have any benefit from the exchange, purchase or sale between individuals.


4.- As a utility coin, LUXEN has been developed to benefit any holder who can use it to acquire certain products and services. In all places where LUXEN is accepted as payment currency, it can be used for this purpose. Luxury Entertainment will announce the locations where LUXEN may be used in due course.





The funds will be used for:


The funds collected will be used to pay the commissions, bonuses and prizes of the LUXEN community platform, pay the fees of the people and companies that participate in the marketing stages, to pay costs and expenses of contracted services. The rest will go entirely to cover the costs of the Orpheus project.




* CEO - Sergio Marin


* CCO – Natalia Marin


* COO – Melisa Bustamante


* CHRO – Carolina Marin


* CTO – Eduardo Tkachuk


* Sales manager – Domingo de la Cruz


* CMO – Eduardo Pantoja


* Tecnical support – TSC-Electronics


* Marketing project leader – Edgar Urzua


* Sales Project leader – Luis Figuereo


* Digital Sales Promotion – Jonatan Daniel Gomez


* Marketing strategist – Cristian Pardo


* Marketing Specialist – Fernando Fernández


* Art Director – Maria Luisa Fernández


* Community manager – Auralys Gutierrez


* Videomarketing – Isiana Herrera


* Graphic design – Julian Perez









11-15-2017 The idea for the ORPHEUS project is born.


02-10-2018 Initial investment and development of ORPHEUS.


04-05-2018 Design by ORPHEUS.


11-14-2018 ORPHEUS architectural preliminary project.


02-15-2019 Meetings with commercial affairs sectors.


04-22-2019 ORPHEUS Business Plan.


06-08-2019 Visit and negotiation of the land for the construction of ORPHEUS.


02-10-2019 The idea of ​​the LUXEN cryptocurrency is born.


06-01-2020 Formation of the group and development of LUXEN.


02-18-2020 Creation of LUXEN.


03-03-2020 Formation of the LUXEN design, marketing and sales group.


1st. Public sale LUXEN.


ORPHEUS land deed.


ORPHEUS architecture design.


Works plan. ORPHEUS authorization and permit management.


2nd. Public sale LUXEN.


Qualification and audit LUXEN.


Stage 1 - ORPHEUS Works. Start


Stage 1 - ORPHEUS Construction. Start.


3rd. Public sale LUXEN.


Stage A - ORPHEUS Personnel Selection. Start.


Stage 2 - ORPHEUS facilities. Start.


4th. Public sale LUXEN.


Stage 1 - End of work ORPHEUS.


Stage 3 - ORPHEUS Equipment. Start.


Stage A - ORPHEUS Personnel Selection. Final.


Stage 2 - ORPHEUS facilities. Final.


5th. Public sale LUXEN.


Stage 4 - ORPHEUS performance tests. Start.


Stage 3 - ORPHEUS equipment. Final.


Stage 4 - ORPHEUS performance tests. Final.


ORPHEUS inauguration.

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