LUXEN Smart Card

For the first half of 2021, the LUXEN smart card will be launched, which will contain an electronic wallet with a double function of a debit and credit card.


LUXEN holders will be able to pay with this card in different shops in different parts of the world and the charges will be deducted from their account.  Additionally, they may request access to credit to use this same smart card as a credit card.


The LUXEN smart card will also support other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, etherium, tether, etc.  Users will be able to select with which cryptocurrency to pay for the products and services purchased.




During the second half of 2021, the LUXEN Bank will be founded, which will provide the cryptocurrency with 100% monetary support.  This will create a safe and stable shield providing solidity and absolute solvency to the LUXEN cryptocurrency.


The first buyers of the LUXEN cryptocurrency will be beneficiaries of the category "founders of Banco LUXEN" with a package of unique and exclusive privileges.


These and other benefits will also extend to the entire cryptocurrency portfolio that Luxury Entertainment includes in its business and investment portfolio.

A new Cryptocurrency that offers you multiple opportunities to invest, earn money, do business and be closer to that success that you want so much.


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